C8 Corvette Magnaflow XMOD Exhaust System

C8 Corvette Magnaflow XMOD exhaust system features a configurable exhaust sound from aggressive to very aggressive.  Available with bright silver or black chrome exhaust tips.


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Magnaflow C8 Corvette XMOD Exhaust System

MagnaFlow XMOD exhaust system for the C8 Corvette boosts the max power of your C8 by up to 18 hp and 17 lb. ft. of torque, with peak power gains of up to 12 hp and 13 lb. ft. of torque. Easily switch between MagnaFlow’s xTreme Delete straight pipe modules or the C8-specific muffler modules. Both modules feature NDT (No Drone Technology), which cancels droning frequencies at cruising speeds.

The C8’s optional bi-modal exhaust feature also carries over to our xMOD system and retains its full functionality. A valve delete option is included for vehicles without that feature. This kit features 3” mandrel bent tubing, V-band clamps, a Tru-X crossover pipe section, bi-modal exhaust valves, optional valve deletes, swappable xMOD modules and a quad-split rear exit with 4.5” black chrome finished tips.

Transform the sound of your C8 from mild to wild with 4 different configurations using the interchangeable Muffler Modules or xTreme Deletes while maintaining full functionality of the factory Bi-modal technology. The option of race-inspired 4.5in Round Tips in either Bright Silver or Black Chrome gives you the flexibility of customizing for the look that best suits your car. Ready for any extreme you can throw at it thanks to carefully engineered heat shielding, every aspect of the xMOD Series system is designed to make your C8 sound and perform like the supercar it is.

Magnaflow XMOD Tip Options

  • Bright Silver – 19578
  • Black Chrome – 19545

Magnaflow XMOD Sound – Aggressive to Very Aggressive