C7 Corvette Exhaust

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C7 Corvette Stock Exhaust

The stock C7 Corvette exhaust system is designed to be efficient, yet quiet.  But there’s room for improvement.  One of the first modifications Corvette owners make is to add a new exhaust system.  Typical horsepower gains from adding an aftermarket exhaust yield around 10-15 horsepower.

Best Exhaust for C7 Corvette

What is the best exhaust for the C7 Corvette?  That’s a loaded question and one whose answer is best left to the owner.  Most aftermarket Corvette exhaust systems provide a some horsepower gain, but more often what owners are after is a certain sound and look they envision for their new Corvette.

Sounds can range from mild to roaring sports car and some can even provide a little of both.  Drone can be an issue with some exhaust systems and like anything else, can be subjective.  Many Corvette owners prefer a quieter exhaust at cruising speed, but like to come to life at wide open throttle.

Looks can be equally important.  The tip style on a C7 Corvette exhaust system can make or break a deal.  Dual tips, Quad tips, rolled tips, round tips, oval tips and finishes such as chrome or stainless steel are often considered when purchasing a new exhaust system for your C7 Corvette.

Whatever your exhaust needs, Corvette Garage carries all of the modern and popular aftermarket C7 Corvette exhaust systems are ready to ship to your door.