C7 Corvette Wheels

C7 OEM Corvette Wheels

C7 Corvette wheels are one of the first upgrades most owners make to their Corvette. The choice in wheels is as personal as the music we listen to or the clothes we wear. GM Corvette wheels are quite popular. The designers at Chevrolet’s Corvette Division are on top of their game and have produced some stunning Corvette wheels over the past few years.

C7 black wheels are still very much one of our top sellers. Most of our OEM Corvette wheels by GM are available in black in both satin and gloss. C7 Z06 wheels are one of our best sellers. Z06, Grand Sport and ZR1 wheels share the same offsets and sizes (the C7 ZR1 front wheel is .5 inch wider) and interchangeable. If you have a Z06 and would like to upgrade to set of GM ZR1 Corvette wheels, they will fit fine.

C7 Corvette Wheel Size

Base 2014+ C7 Stingray Corvette wheels are available in size 18 × 8.5 in the front and 19 x 10 in the rear. The recommended tire size for the Stingray wheels is 245-40-18 front and 285-35-19 rear.

C7 Z06 wheels from GM come in size 19 x 10 front and 20 x 12 rear. The recommended tire size for the Z06 wheels is 285-30-19 front and 335-25-20 rear.

C7 ZR1 wheels from GM are available in size 19 x 10.5 front and 20 x 12 rear. The recommended tire size for the ZR1 wheels is 285-30-19 front and 335-25-20 rear.

C7 Grand Sport wheels from GM come in 19 x 10 front and 20 x 12 rear. The recommended tire size for the Grand Sport wheels is 285-30-19 front and 335-25-20 rear.

C7 Z51 wheels from GM come in 19 x 8.5 front and 20 x 10 rear. The recommended tire size for the Z51 wheels is 245-35-19 front and 285-30-20 rear.

It’s important to note, that C7 Corvette wheels for the Z06, ZR1 and Grand Sport will not fit on base model or convertible C7 Corvettes.

C7 Corvette Wheel and Tire Package

Many of our customers prefer a complete, ready to mount solution when upgrading the wheels on their Corvette. Our Corvette wheel and tire packages let you select your wheel and finish, the tires, Year (for sensors) and come complete with center caps and lug nuts. Your wheels and tires package are mounted and Hunter Road Force balanced … the best in the industry. A complete turnkey package for our discerning customers who demand the best and want a no hassle solution.

Every wheel and tire package is inspected and carefully boxed by our staff to ensure you have a perfect set of wheels and tires, out of the box and ready to mount on your Corvette within minutes of delivery. You would have a difficult time finding a better deal on a Corvette wheel and tire package trying to price it all separately. We’re ready to earn your business!

C7 Corvette Reproduction Wheels

Reproduction wheels for the 2014-2019 C7 Corvette Stingray, Z06, ZR1 and Grand Sport are an excellent choice for the budget minded who demand quality, but GM or high end aftermarket wheels are not an option.

OEM reproduction wheels come in the original factory OEM sizes, but often come in larger or smaller sizes so that specific model “type” wheels can fit on other models. For example, GM C7 Z06 wheels will not fit on the C7 Stingray, but there are reproduction C7 Z06 wheels that do come in stock C7 Stingray sizes.

Currently, we offer the following C7 Corvette reproduction wheels:

Whether you are looking for factory GM wheels, OEM reproduction wheels, high end after market Corvette wheels, Corvette Garage has the wheels you are looking for. In most cases our Corvette wheels are in stock and ready to ship and all are available as turnkey wheel/tire packages.