C8 Corvette B&B Bullet Exhaust System – With AFM Valve

C8 Corvette Stingray Bullet Exhaust System *WITH AFM VALVE*  Aggressive exhaust note, available in four distinct tip styles.

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C8 Corvette Stingray Bullet Exhaust System *WITH AFM VALVE*

As all of our exhaust, the product is 100% T-304 stainless steel and is fully TIG welded.  The Bi-Modal Fusion design of the system maintains all the factory NPP capabilities (eco, tour, sport and track mode) and uses our in-house manufactured NPP valve body.  We have taken great care to design this valve to exact factory specifications to ensure proper function and durability.  The exhaust flow pattern is split in a “Y” design, allowing a full 3″ exhaust flow when the valve is open and 2 1/2″ flow when the valve is closed in touring mode.

The system is designed to mount the Active Fuel Management valves in the factory location and does not affect the car going into 4 cylinder mode.  We have deleted the valve AFM itself, and with the PRT design the system does not resonate in 4-cylinder mode and does not set off a CEL.  This was a concern in the design and testing of the exhaust, as we know from the C7 that the exhaust note in 4 cylinder mode required the AFM valve.

C8 Corvette Stingray Bullet AFM Exhaust Tip Options

  • 4.5″ Stainless Double Wall Tips – FCOR-0775
  • 4.5″ Black Double Wall Tips – FCOR-0776
  • Polished Speedway Tips – FCOR-0785
  • Black Speedway Tips – FCOR-0786