GM C7 Z06 Black Corvette Wheel & Tire Package

Black GM C7 Z06 Corvette wheel and tire package for 2015-2019 Z06 and Grand Sport Corvette.

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GM C7 Z06 Gloss Black Corvette Wheel & Tire Package –

Why take a chance with installers that don’t have the experience or specialized equipment to mount/balance run-flat tires and expensive Corvette wheels?!
Your new wheel and tire package from Corvette Garage will be delivered to your door in perfect condition, perfectly balanced, ready to bolt on and go with no hassle or headaches!

Smooth-rolling tires and wheels can be the difference between having a vibration-free driving experience or a shaky one. If the tire and wheel tolerances are not examined and corrected, the possibility of imbalance or road induced ride vibration exists.
Because of this, Wheel and Tire Packages do not ship out from Corvette Garage unless they are Hunter balanced and Road Force approved.

Fitment: 2015-2019 Z06 / Grand Sport Corvette.

GM C7 Z06 Corvette wheel set in gloss black finish, sizes 19×10 and 20×12.
Available tires: Michelin Pilot Sport AS3+ ZP, Super Sport ZP, Cup2 ZP and Alpin PA4.
Tire sizes 285-30-19 and 335-25-20.
GM tire pressure sensors for 2015-2019 Corvette.
GM black C7 caps included.
Black lug nuts included.

* Does not fit 2014-2019 Corvette Stingray.
* ZP = Zero Pressure or run-flat.