Callaway Double D Exhaust System for C6 Corvette

Callaway C6 Corvette exhaust system is truly a design marvel, with 72% less back pressure, one of the best flowing exhausts tested and a deep exhaust tone.

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Callaway's C6 Corvette exhaust system offers 72% less back pressure than the factory system; more exhaust flow than any other system tested! Deeper, more powerful exhaust note under acceleration; zero in-car resonance. Dual muffler design with V-shaped orientation provides increased chamber volume for high gas flow rate. CNC tube bending and robotic welding provide accurate dimensions for easy installation. Polished, high-grade corrosion-resistant T304 stainless steel throughout for great looks and extended durability.

Comes with stainless steel mufflers, Double-D exhaust tips, stainless steel over-axle tubes, and special-design clamps.

Excellent sound quality; maximum power!

Note: Does not fit 2006+ Z06 Corvette.





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