MSD Super Conductor Spark Plug Wire Set for C5 C6 and Z06 Corvette

Upgrade your Corvette's ignition system with a set of 8.5mm MSD Super Conductor Spark Plug Wire Set for the 1997-2013 C5, C6 and Z06 Corvette. Incredibly low resistance wires that deliver high voltage while suppressing EMI inide the wire to prevent electro-magnetic interference with your Corvette's electronics.

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Replace your Corvette's spark plug wires with a set of MSD Super Conductor Spark Plug Wire Set for 1997-2013 C5, C6 and Z06 Corvettes. If you've ever bought a cheap set of spark plug wires, installed them, and watched them arc as you are tuning your motor, that's all it will take to make you truly appreciate the difference in a performance ignition wire set. More than just your typical wire set, MSD's super conductor wire set uses science to create an extremely low resistance wire capable of delivering very large voltage.

The low resistance results in less loss in spark energy so more reaches the spark plug. The conductor is wound extremely tight around a special center core. So tight in fact, that there is over 40 feet of conductor wrapped into a single foot of plug wire. This winding procedure, combined with a ferro-magnetic impregnated center core, produces an extremely effective Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) "choke".

This choke, or suppression capability, keeps the EMI inside the wire where it cannot interfere with other electronics on your vehicle. The outer sleeve that surrounds the conductor assembly is just as impressive. A proprietary blend of silicone and synthetic material produce a sleeve that is highly resistant to high heat as well as abrasion and tears.

Simply put...MSD wires have a great reputation and used world wide by racing teams, performance enthusiasts and drivers alike. MSD 32819 Super Conductor Spark Plug Wire Set fits all 1997-2013 LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6 and LS7 motors.



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