Dynojet Wide Band Commander II

Tune your Corvette's LSx based motor with the Wide Band Commander II from Dynojet.

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Tuning your LSX motor has never been easier with the Wide Band Commander II from Dynojet. The Wide Band Commander provides a complete picture for proper air-to-fuel ratio analysis with capability to read from 10.1:1 to 18.1:1 using a Bosch 5 wire LSU4 wideband sensor. This is by far the most complete kit available on the market today.

Once installed, the Wide Band Commander provides an "in-vehicle" dash mount AFR display device with a built in warning light, as well as data recording which can be retrieved and analyzed using the supplied software package.

Lowest cost, most complete kit on the market! 1 wire tach hook up on any vehicle so no need for a tach adaptor. Modular programmable output for nitrous, water injection, timing retard, etc. Record files with or without a laptop and plays back log files with the WBC software or export text file. Insight to achieve maximum safe power. Download software and firmware updates 24/7 from widebandcommander.com.

Simple and easy setup/installation with one wire tach hookup. Software updates available online through Dynojet's website.





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