Red Line Water Wetter Super Coolant

Protect your Corvette's cooling system with Red Line Water Wetter Super Coolant. Serious racers depend upon Water Wetter to help reduce coolant temperatures by up to 30 degrees and provided superior rust and corrosion protection.

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Red Line Water Wetter is a unique cooling system wetting agent that reduces coolant temperatures by as much as 30 degrees. Racers often prefer to run straight distilled water in their high performance motors because water transfers heat better than glycol based anti-freeze products. The downside to distilled water is rust and corrosion. Water Wetter provides rust and corrosion protection in plain water.

Water Wetter can also be added to anti-freeze to improve heat transfer of ethylene and propylene glycol based based system. Designed for modern aluminum, cast iron, copper, brass and bronze radiators, Red Line's Water Wetter improves heat transfer, prevents foaming and helps protect your cooling system from rust and corrosion and is compatible with all antifreeze types.



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