California Jelly Water Blade

Drying your Corvette after wash doesn't have to be a hassle. Cut your drying time by two thirds with the California Jelly Blade made of super soft medical grade silicone. Takes water off fast and safe! Jelly blades vary in color depending upon factory production.

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If you live in areas of the country with hard water, we don't have to tell you how important getting water off your Corvette is, after a good wash. City tap water contains hard mineral deposits that can etch into your Corvette's paint if not completely wiped off after washing.

From the makers of the California Duster, comes the California Jelly Blade designed to reduce drying time by two thirds. The Jelly Blade is made of super soft medical grade silicone that will not scratch paint or glass. And man, does it move a lot of water off your car and fast!

The Jelly Blade glides over curved and concaved surfaces to remove water fast. In just minutes, you can have up to 98% of the water off your vehicle, then go back and finish up those hard to reach places like the mirrors.



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