Halltech Venom II Air Intake for C6 Corvette

Halltech Venom II Air Intake for C6 Corvette.

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Halltech Venom II air intake for 2005-2007 C6 Corvette with LS2 engine.

Bolt on 15 rwhp/12 lbs ft torque with the all new design. This intake is made from the same mold as the Killer Bee II that dynoed +15 hp/+14 lbs-ft. on the Katech Engine Development Superflow dyno. The same huge high flow K&N Filter will flow over 1250 cfm, and feeds over 900 hp easily. This system uses the stock wiring and MAF sensor for direct bolt on power that will not void your warranty.
Kit now available with Halltech's Beehive Heat Shield to isolate the filter from engine heat.



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