Vararam Velocity Stack for C5 and Z06 Corvette

Thirteen horsepower for under $50 dollars? Some might call that the horsepower bargain of a lifetime! Increase the airflow of your Corvette and add a quick 13 horsepower with the Vararam Velocity Stack for the 1997-2004 C5 and Z06 Corvette.

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The Vararam Velocity Stack for the 1997-2004 C5 and Z06 Corvette is designed to reshape the factory throttle body and increase air flow throughout the RPM range. This redesign allows greater air force going into the intake manifold, creating a velocity effect.

The unique design produces power and torque through the RPM band, increases throttle response and gas mileage and eliminates the need for a ported throttle body by smoothing and reshaping the air flow intake.

The Vararam velocity stack is a simple concept that works remarkably well. Even better, it's relatively inexpensive for what it does and install in a matter of minutes. More air equal more power! Customers have reported 13 rear wheel horsepower gains with this modification alone.



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